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Broadview Analytics provides survey research and analytical services to multinational corporations, consultancies, small businesses and non-profits.

Broadview Analytics conducts surveys that help management navigate key business hurdles. We solve issues in new product development, pricing and demand forecasting through the use of techniques like needs-based segmentation, conjoint and sampling theory.

Broadview Analytics provides analytical services that helps organizations measure operations. We provide the framework for operational issues (e.g., efficacy testing, customer attrition and price sensitivity, etc.) through the use of robust statistical techniques (e.g., quasi-experimental design, survival analysis and non-linear regression, etc.).

Why choose Broadview Analytics?

  • The Broadview team has considerable experience in analyzing business issues, formulating research plans, uncovering actionable findings and communicating with stakeholders.
  • Broadview acts as a true partner by serving your needs - either working with you on the entire project, or serving as a specialist during a critical phase.
  • The team is comfortable discussing the Broadview strategy with business executives, as well as going deep into the Analytics with technical staff.
  • We use the principles of Big Data (i.e., merging research data with behavioral data) to enhance Customer Experience.
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