Survey Research

Broadview Analytics specializes in conducting surveys and analyzing the results. We listen to the client to understand the right research methodologies to use, and focus our efforts on producing analysis that is timely, accurate and actionable. While we prefer to be involved in the full cycle of survey design, fielding and analysis, we can also evaluate data that you have already collected.

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Segmentation Studies: Broadview Analytics specializes in designing, analyzing and reporting attitudinal segmentations. The segments are prioritized by the likelihood of being a customer, and include the identification of key product features and messaging requirements.

Pricing Analysis: Broadview Analytics helps companies in setting prices for new concepts, and in identifying which feature command the most price. The survey methods vary depending on if the concept is well-defined (Conjoint) or if it is still in an exploratory phase (Van Westendorp).

Key Drivers Analysis: It is critical for businesses to understand how to convert disgruntled customers into product champions. The design of the experiment (i.e., sampling plan) determines whether the results imply causation or correlation. Broadview has experience in the sampling plans needed to prove causation.

Longitudinal/Time Series Analysis: Broadview Analytics can help track key survey metrics. Businesses can form an understanding of the evolution of the market through meta analysis of past surveys, managing a panel or simply repeating a survey fielded in the past.

Propensity Analysis: New concepts and product offerings typically have many different features that can be included. A variety of analytical techniques can be used to determine which ones have the biggest impact on a consumer's likelihood of adoption.
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