Analytical Services

Broadview Analytics offers a range of analytical services, including efficacy testing, customer attrition and pricing behavior. Our engagements run from exploratory analysis that helps executives understand their organization to manadatory reports that are required by regulating bodies. Our background in banking analytics involves considerable experience in dealing with the Federal Reserve and other regulatory agencies. We work with organizations to understand the questions they want to answer and assess what data they have available.

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Efficacy Testing: Broadview Analytics has extensive experience in helping organizations understand if a particilar product or service leads to better outcomes. This can be done through  assigning people to a test/control group (e.g., when administering services to individuals) or through quasi-experimental design (such as when students pick which class to take, and the classes act as the test/control groups). An example would be determining if students performed better in classrooms that use an online system.

Attrition Analysis: Businesses contain a wealth of customer and sales information. Broadview can measure the longevity of a customer relationship and determine the value customers deliver to an organization. An example would be vintage-based runoff models for non-maturity deposit accounts.

Pricing Sensitivity Analysis: Not all potential customers react the same to increases or decreases in prices. Broadview can identify those with more or less price sensitivity and stipulate their sensitivity curve. An example would be the interest-rate incentive needed to spur mortgage customers to refinance.

Lead Generation Analysis: Broadview Analytics can help create a forecasting tool that is used by sales representatives to prioritize customer engagements. We evaluate the CRM database to determine which elements are tied to the customer's potential value, which combines the propensity to purchase and the volume of purchases expected. An example is to provide a publisher's sales rep with high-value non-customers and the levers needed to convert them to customers.

Dynamic Scorecards: A dynamic scorecard is a tool designed for non-technical professionals to be able to sort through a large amount of data. We create an Excel document that allows the user to stipulate the criteria (e.g., dissatisfied non-users), and then see who in the database most closely match that criteria. An example is a publisher evaluating the attitudes of authors to determine who would be a good fit to author a new textbook.

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